Scottish Film Education - developing film and the moving image for 5-19 year olds in Scotland

The use of moving images as non-print-based literacy texts across the Curriculum for Excellence, alongside traditional printed texts, offers engaging and exciting opportunities to support and encourage learners in speaking, listening, reading, writing and creating.

Scottish Film Education is embarking on a major national CLPL initiative to develop in teachers the skills, abilities and pedagogical expertise required to employ Moving Image Education approaches effectively in teaching and learning.

In addition to individual teacher development, we are seeking to create self-sustaining learning communities of expertise and practice across all of Scotland’s Local Authorities.

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Scottish Film Education is funded by Creative Scotland to support and develop:

  • Career-long professional learning for educators
  • Certification in film & moving image for pulls
  • Research & action research
  • Film educator accreditation
  • GCTS professional update
  • GTCS professional recognition
  • Masters level modules
  • Conference provision
  • International collaboration

Our Resources

Scottish Film is working to develop Film & Moving Image Education for 5-19 year olds in Scotland. We recognise that providing CLPL sessions is an important first step. Teachers and other educators need appropriate resources, readily accessible in classrooms. The following collection of online resources is currently available to all primary, secondary and tertiary educators in Scotland. The websites are under constant review and refinement by our team of Film & Moving Image Education practitioners.

Screening Shorts

Developed by Creative Scotland and Education Scotland, Screening Shorts helps teachers deliver Moving Image Education (MIE). Short films are ideal as they are complete, accessible and good for repeated viewing. This website hosts a collection of downloadable films (fiction, animation and factual) suitable for primary and secondary school audiences.

Scotland On Screen

Scotland on Screen contains hundreds of films to watch, discuss and use as inspiration for your own projects. Each film clip is accompanied by suggestions for activities that you can do before, during or after watching. You can access historical film clips from the Scottish Screen Archive and make use of the extensive learning resources designed by teachers and leading practitioners in moving image education.

Languages On Screen

Languages on Screen is an exciting new educational resource that puts French, German, Spanish and Italian - and soon Gaelic, short films online for free download and use in schools across Scotland. As well as providing a valuable modern language teaching resource that introduces students to the spoken language, culture and mind-set of people in other countries, Languages on Screen is also about introducing young people to the language of moving images and promoting the aims of 21st Century Literacy.

Moving Image Education

Moving Image Education helps everyone to question, analyse, explore and understand the meaning of what they’re watching and hearing. The free resources, activities, information and guidance on this site are aimed at anyone interested in teaching or understanding moving image better, and are suited to all areas, stages, ages & abilities.

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For further details of the opportunities afforded by Scottish Film Education via the 5-19 Film Education Program, get in touch with us:

Scottish Film Education
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Philip Donnelly, Scottish Film Head of Education

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