Working with Into Film

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Scottish Film Education and Into Film are working together to develop and deliver a more expansive and strategic film education CLPL programme, as the 5-19 Film Education Programme. Pooling our resources, the two organisations will focus on teacher development in the use of moving image as a non-traditional tool for improving literacy. To fulfil this goal, we aim to create self-sustaining learning communities of expertise and practise across all of Scotland’s local authorities.

Delivery of this programme will involve developing a team of film education practitioners who will be trained and experienced in teaching film analysis and practical filmmaking within a classroom, connecting the teaching and learning to the Curriculum for Excellence.

Scottish Film Education will be approaching local authorities (LA) to develop a relationship with a secondary school (chosen by the LA) and their associated primary schools. A film education practitioner will be assigned to this learning community by the SFE/IF joint programme. The practitioner will then work with the school representatives to deliver a CLPL plan which will cover an introduction to film literacy and analysis, as well as incorporating specific needs and wants from the schools in question.

An infographic overview of the separate and shared projects and responsibilities of Scottish Film Education and Into Film:

Scottish Film Education Into Film infographic